Webinar Wednesdays!

A couple weeks ago, Danny was in front of the Washington State Building Trades giving a presentation about Labor Rising. He had me teleconference in and walk them through the Leading Labor mass texting platform. To say it went over well is an understatement. In our Chicago classes, the texting plan always makes a big impact. It is an easy, effective, inexpensive way to quickly communicate with your membership. I ran a live simulcast yesterday and realized there’s no reason to to do some more webinars, so… I’ve decided to make Wednesdays into “Webinar Wednesdays”! Every Wednesday, I am going to run a webinar that walks you through Phase 1 of Leading Labor’s three-tiered communications platform — Mass Texting. This webinar will be free for all attendees. It is only about 20 minutes long, but will show you how effective, simple, and inexpensive a text-based communication platform can be for your Local, District Council, or even your International.

You can find out all about the webinar and sign up at this link.

When you go to register, you will see this:

registration page

Simply choose the date you want to watch the webinar from the dropdown menu. (You can even watch yesterday’s recording if you just cannot wait!)

Then choose the time.

Enter your name and e-mail address, then click “Register Now.”